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“A bit of a Blur” are a Milton Keynes based tribute act, playing all the hits and various album tracks from the iconic band Blur. Established musicians with many years of playing live experience, they formed in early 2018 and are already securing plenty of gigs and are being well received wherever they play. Not so much a look-a-like band (although the obvious similarities are there) but their aim is to be true to the original sound encompassing all the energy of those amazing Blur live performances we all love. They are fast becoming one of the "must see" tribute bands on the circuit. 

What the pundits say

“well worth the wait... all the hard work paid off. you could feel the buzz between the guys on the stage. looking forward to the next gig. fantastic!!!!”


“Awesome! Not often you see a blur tribute. Their sound is hard to master. These boys braved to try. And god their hard work has paid off. A must see set and a master performance.”


“Excellent, just got better and better!! Thank You”


“So much energy, fantastic gig fella's”

"Thanks so much for an amazing night.
I've seen so many godawful 'tribute' bands, but I figured, tonight, if someone's bold enough and has the skills to emulate Graham Coxon, I'll be there, to either support or deride. 
Suffice it to say, you chaps blew me away. Your polished stagecraft, musicianship and energy were an absolute delight to this jaded old punk rocker; my girlfriend of three years had never seen me dance before.
Hope to catch you again before too long."



What the band says

Why do we love Blur?
Why does anyone?
We are guessing it has to be the uniquely brilliant, surprisingly sophisticated but deceptively simple pop intuition which powered hit after hit in an era where you had to be credible artists on one hand and compete with Kylie for airplay on the other. No one did it quite like Blur.

How do you lay claim to being the best Blur tribute? We don't think that is up to the band, only the audience can decide. Audiences that know what a Blur live show was all about will recognise the irreverence, the weirdly arrogant self-effacing demeanour, the serious musicianship and the throw away punk energy. If that doesn't float your boat then we are guessing you probably don't even like Blur!


Ray Paris Lee - Lead Vocals
(aka Damon Albarn)

James Williamson - Guitar
(aka Graham Coxon)

Phil Chamberlain - Bass

(aka Alex James)

Spencer Beaumont - Drums

(aka Dave Rowntree)

Justin Wearring - Keys
(aka some random)

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